Sunday, October 4, 2015

Turns out Jump Freighter pilots are dumber than normal Freighter pilots...


Riding off into the sunset with cargo-holds full!

I've been wanting to make a post about what I've been doing recently, but didn't feel like I was ready to do so... until now. I've been very busy for the past two and a half months as all I've done in EVE Online is hyperdunking. I would like to take the time to thank Globby for making this method well-known and taking his time to help and explain to others. I would be foolish not to thank my partners in crime Ben, Masao, and Soban for making me not (as)shit, testing mechanics, and min-maxing this method.

I have hyperdunked 37 freighters and 5 Jump Freighters in these short two and a half months, and it's been a retarded amount of fun. I've made somewhere in the neighborhood of 60b through scooping the loot from dunks, dueling, and ransoming Freighters.  I went from relying heavily on others such as Ben, Masao, Toxic, Father Chemino, Deekz, Soban and Cyclo to do the bumping, loot scooping, and extra dps; to being able to dunk online / active Freighters and Jump Freighters completely solo. 

I spent a short period in Goonswarm only because I wanted to gank with Miniluv, but quickly found out that their "style" really isn't my thing. I don't gank to be someone's F1 monkey, and I think too highly of myself to be that. I enjoy ganking with others but I do it as an easy way to plex my accounts. I found out pretty easily that Goonswarm wasn't for me when I scouted and bumped an 18.7b GClub (red) Freighter and was only given a measly 500m. I also ran into issues where I was regularly being told who I could and couldn't kill because they were "blue" with the Imperium. That's cool and all, but it tortured me that I couldn't kill some of these huge-ass retarded whales just because they had an Imperium main. So I was fully set on leaving and had managed to rack up a few "blue" kills in the process: Elginn #1, Elginn #2 (this one was a duel... I knew that I couldn't cause another diplomatic mess after the first kill so I had my friends bump and duel him while I scooped loot). So I left Goonswarm and found love and support from my small group of friends...

The groundwork has been laid out and now it's time to really tell you guys the reason behind this post. I hyperdunked a 40-ish billion isk FCON Jump Freighter in Jita last night. I have a few methods that I use to find, bump, and dunk Freighters and Jump Freighters but last night was some good old fashioned bumping off of a gate. I scanned him and saw 25 plastic wraps, got him off grid and Soban and I started setting up to gank while I maintained low-velocity bumps. I decide to convo him and "ransom" him for 1b, but before I can get it out he says "im imperium". That's probably one of the biggest jokes about Imperium in hisec. They think that because Miniluv ganks that they should be immune to ganking while hauling obscene amounts, which I gladly prove otherwise... 

Typical comment from an Imperium alt...

So we continue to dunk him and someone in a pod warps to the Rhea and is just sitting there. Shortly after someone in a Raptor appears, but seems to only be looting our bomber wrecks. We finally pop him and I burn the Machariel in closer to get a peek at whats inside. I have multiple panic attacks as I find that all 25 wraps were tightly bound up into one courier contract. I immediately go into panic mode as I'm screaming for Soban to get his Freighter in to loot. The pod comes back in an Ibis and tries to pop the wreck, but luckily is unable to before our already-on-grid concord spawns stop him. In the middle of all the panic Soban lands his freighter, aligns, and misclicks the loot all button before going into warp (yes, it happened). So I'm trying to remain calm, but know that there's not much of anything I can do at all to stop someone from swooping in to pop the wreck. I tell Soban to refit for istabs and I drop a Mobile Micro Jump Drive on top of the wreck to enable a quick getaway. Soban lands at the exact same time a Catalyst does. Luckily for us we manage to loot, activate the MMJD thrusting us 100km forward, align out, warp, and dock up safely before the Catalyst has time to lock and pop the wreck.

Evepraisal of all the loot

Thanks for the loot breh
When something like this happens everyone is always filled with lots of questions. Why didn't he cyno out? Why didn't he bring logi? Why didn't he cry for help? Why didn't he have a webber and/or proper support with him? The answers to these questions are elusive and no amount of pondering will bring reason to an event like this. I don't really care why he didn't do any of these things, because I enjoy profiting from the actions of REALLY stupid people. I wish I could write more but this has already turned into a huge wall of text. I have a LOT of chat porn, screenshots, and other funny stories of my experiences since I've started hyperdunking. One day I might just compile all my funny stories into a mini-series and release one every month or so. 

If any of you have any questions or are interested in this sort of thing, just shoot me a mail!

Fly Dangerously,
Faylee Freir

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Things that go bump in the night...


I tend to sway back and forth between the various activities I enjoy in EVE. I find that this cuts down on how tedious some of them seem to be at times. I love hunting war targets, but it's very easy to get irritated at the lack of target activity. I enjoy mission flipping as well, but sometimes there's only so much scanning and poking I can take. I have been spending most of my time lately playing the 0.01 isk game in Jita so I can liquidate all the booty that Deekz and I were donated last week, and had decided to fit up a Machariel to bump with. I spent probably 2-3 days straight a few weeks ago doing nothing but bumping in Madi, so I feel like I can competently keep someone bumped and in fear. I never got a ransom, and I knew that this time I wanted to terrorize some miners so I flew to Otela and proceeded to warp to the ice belt.

Don't let her sleek body and welcoming tones fool you... 

If any of you aren't familiar with Otela, it is one of the systems that Astral Industries bases out of for their public mining fleets. I don't know nor do I care how they operate, because all I was interested in was finding some fools mining with an Orca / freighter in the belt. I've seen how ridiculous ice miners can be with their multi-boxing and undefended ships while participating in what they feel is fun gameplay. I'm glad that I can report that there were such activities going on upon my arrival in the belt. I find the Charon floating idly next to the Orca and a large clump of miners and proceed to warm my thrusters and make best course for a collision.

[ 2015.07.05 03:31:08 ] Kyle Ambramotte > o/
[ 2015.07.05 03:31:14 ] Faylee Freir > How are you tonight?
[ 2015.07.05 03:31:19 ] Kyle Ambramotte > fine
[ 2015.07.05 03:31:42 ] Faylee Freir > Have time to chat?
[ 2015.07.05 03:32:22 ] Kyle Ambramotte > look you are bouncing my charon and asking me if i have time.
[ 2015.07.05 03:32:32 ] Faylee Freir > I'm trying to be polite.
[ 2015.07.05 03:33:20 ] Kyle Ambramotte > Being polite would be leaving me alone.
[ 2015.07.05 03:33:26 ] Faylee Freir > I can't do that.
[ 2015.07.05 03:33:37 ] Kyle Ambramotte > sure you cant
[ 2015.07.05 03:34:02 ] Faylee Freir > hm
[ 2015.07.05 03:34:07 ] Faylee Freir > I do have options.
[ 2015.07.05 03:34:19 ] Faylee Freir > You do too, you know.
[ 2015.07.05 03:35:16 ] Faylee Freir > Would you like to chat about those options?
[ 2015.07.05 03:36:37 ] Faylee Freir > Are you there?
[ 2015.07.05 03:36:47 ] Kyle Ambramotte > this is the only option I'm going to give you..........SHOOT!!
[ 2015.07.05 03:37:00 ] Faylee Freir > You realize were in a 0.5 system, right?
[ 2015.07.05 03:37:40 ] Kyle Ambramotte > yes shooot
[ 2015.07.05 03:37:58 ] Faylee Freir > Well, I'd like to talk about how you can keep your Charon.
[ 2015.07.05 03:38:50 ] Faylee Freir > Logi won't save you. Don't you know that this doesn't work?
[ 2015.07.05 03:39:16 ] Kyle Ambramotte > will you just shoot!!!
[ 2015.07.05 03:39:37 ] Faylee Freir > Why are you so eager to lose your freighter?
[ 2015.07.05 03:39:45 ] Kyle Ambramotte > shoot
[ 2015.07.05 03:40:37 ] Faylee Freir > You seem irritated.
[ 2015.07.05 03:41:25 ] Kyle Ambramotte > No, I just dont feel like playing your little game of i have the most powerfull ship....
[ 2015.07.05 03:42:19 ] Faylee Freir > Well what do you want to do about it?
[ 2015.07.05 03:42:25 ] Faylee Freir > You know the easy way out.
[ 2015.07.05 03:42:48 ] Faylee Freir > I'll give you ample time to consider the best option while my friends are finishing up 2 ganks.
[ 2015.07.05 03:43:13 ] Kyle Ambramotte > will you plz just get your fucking gank over with!!!!!
[ 2015.07.05 03:43:27 ] Faylee Freir > be patient...
[ 2015.07.05 03:44:06 ] Kyle Ambramotte > NO

 I have seen Astral Industries before and knew that they advertise to be part of the Anti-Ganking community (if you can even call them that). If you enjoy collecting tears of the uninformed, ignorant, bad, and pathetic then I HIGHLY suggest you make your way to their public channel now (Gank-Intel). I work solo a lot of the time so it's important for me to use my alts to their fullest potential. This includes posing as a 3rd party that is genuinely concerned about the heinous crime of bump that is at hand!

[ 2015.07.05 03:43:53 ] Kyle Ambramotte > Machariel  Faylee Freir bumping my charon in  Otela
[ 2015.07.05 03:45:22 ] Full Metal Jackie > Need help?

I have used Feyd's Jedi Mind Tricks before, but when I'm in the moment it never seems like it's going to work... Until it does. I was feeling pretty pessimistic about my chances here, especially considering that he was wanting Faylee to go through with a gank and wasn't interested in negotiating. Surprise swept over me quickly as I proceeded to shoot Kyle a private message.

[ 2015.07.05 03:57:13 ] Kyle Ambramotte > o/
[ 2015.07.05 03:57:13 ] Full Metal Jackie > need help?
[ 2015.07.05 03:57:22 ] Kyle Ambramotte > yep
[ 2015.07.05 03:57:34 ] Full Metal Jackie > I can do one of two things
[ 2015.07.05 03:57:37 ] Full Metal Jackie > first off, what is he in?
[ 2015.07.05 03:57:58 ] Kyle Ambramotte > Machariel  Faylee Freir
[ 2015.07.05 03:58:16 ] Full Metal Jackie > Ah, the best I can do is web and give you a warpout in space
[ 2015.07.05 03:59:07 ] Full Metal Jackie > getting my ship
[ 2015.07.05 03:59:07 ] Kyle Ambramotte > I'm 4.54 au from my POS.
[ 2015.07.05 03:59:25 ] Full Metal Jackie > link system
[ 2015.07.05 03:59:28 ] Full Metal Jackie > coming asap
[ 2015.07.05 03:59:36 ] Kyle Ambramotte > Otela
[ 2015.07.05 04:07:50 ] Full Metal Jackie > omw
[ 2015.07.05 04:08:02 ] Kyle Ambramotte > I'm Otela's mining fleet you can get in to be able to warp to me
[ 2015.07.05 04:08:14 ] Full Metal Jackie > k, have you ever done this?
[ 2015.07.05 04:08:27 ] Full Metal Jackie > I can walk you through it
[ 2015.07.05 04:09:07 ] Kyle Ambramotte > I'm still in the warp process but right before i warp she hits me.
[ 2015.07.05 04:09:39 ] Full Metal Jackie > ah
[ 2015.07.05 04:09:43 ] Full Metal Jackie > 1j out
[ 2015.07.05 04:10:02 ] Full Metal Jackie > Want me to explain how we'll do it?
[ 2015.07.05 04:10:10 ] Kyle Ambramotte > yeah
[ 2015.07.05 04:10:22 ] Full Metal Jackie > are you aligned to pos?
[ 2015.07.05 04:10:29 ] Kyle Ambramotte > yes
[ 2015.07.05 04:10:45 ] Full Metal Jackie > is he knocking you off alignment?
[ 2015.07.05 04:10:58 ] Kyle Ambramotte > nope
[ 2015.07.05 04:11:26 ] Full Metal Jackie > alright, When he bumps you I will apply webs
[ 2015.07.05 04:11:35 ] Full Metal Jackie > your max required velocity will drop
[ 2015.07.05 04:11:38 ] Kyle Ambramotte > ok
[ 2015.07.05 04:11:40 ] Full Metal Jackie > Then you'll enter warp immediately.
[ 2015.07.05 04:11:48 ] Kyle Ambramotte > ok
[ 2015.07.05 04:12:24 ] Full Metal Jackie > omw
[ 2015.07.05 04:12:31 ] Kyle Ambramotte > ok
[ 2015.07.05 04:12:42 ] Full Metal Jackie > You'll be my 3rd person I've helped do this today

 Excitement, nervousness, and suspense all overcame me at the same time as I scrambled to find the proper tool for the job. Full Metal Jackie has terrible combat skills and in the middle of trying to rush out the door, all I could manage to fit was some half-assed abomination of a space craft.

This is literal cancer and I'm ashamed of myself

Trust me, you don't need to remind me how terrible this is. It's a crime against content creators, but it's all I could manage to throw together with FMJ's lack of skills and the pressure of time slipping by. It's very clear that I was not anticipating or even prepared in the least for this kind of encounter, but I decide to proceed anyway. 

[ 2015.07.05 04:13:05 ] Full Metal Jackie > accept so I can web
[ 2015.07.05 04:13:50 ] Full Metal Jackie > 500m, right now.
[ 2015.07.05 04:14:05 ] Full Metal Jackie > or you lose your freighter

[ 2015.07.05 04:17:46 ] Full Metal Jackie > You there?

Nice freighter! Can I blow you up?

I can feel the adrenaline flowing through my body as FMJ's Incursus (from now on referred to as 'pile of cancer') is plinking Federation Navy Antimatter S into the Charon's shields. The progress is agonizing and at this point I'm orbiting the Charon with Faylee in her Machariel while reading AG chat. It's very clear that these guys have no idea what they are doing and are completely oblivious to basic game mechanics and knowledge (CCP please give us tutorials and opportunities that promote not being an infant sucking at a tit)

[ 2015.07.05 04:10:06 ] Denise Wicked > 600km from ice now
[ 2015.07.05 04:10:21 ] Denise Wicked > thanks for coming to help
[ 2015.07.05 04:12:07 ] MistakenAce > Would a webber help thge bumped frieghter?
[ 2015.07.05 04:12:22 ] MistakenAce > *the
[ 2015.07.05 04:12:34 ] Michael Comet > Where?
[ 2015.07.05 04:12:45 ] Denise Wicked > warp to him
[ 2015.07.05 04:12:58 ] Michael Comet > to who
[ 2015.07.05 04:13:08 ] Denise Wicked > Kyle Ambramotte
[ 2015.07.05 04:13:37 ] Denise Wicked > MistakenAce not sure just need time for him to warp
[ 2015.07.05 04:14:15 ] Feydra Al > He's not suspect, right? I can't shoot him?
[ 2015.07.05 04:14:25 ] Denise Wicked > no dont shoot
[ 2015.07.05 04:15:04 ] Denise Wicked > Full Metal Jackie you webbing charon?  Machariel is one needing webbed
[ 2015.07.05 04:15:14 ] Michael Comet > Where?
[ 2015.07.05 04:15:43 ] Denise Wicked > Michael Comet you can warp to  Kyle Ambramotte by using fleet
[ 2015.07.05 04:16:52 ] MistakenAce > we need more webbers I think
[ 2015.07.05 04:17:35 ] Lorn Malvo > it doesn't help
[ 2015.07.05 04:17:44 ] Denise Wicked > Kyle Ambramotte is being webbed and warp disrupt so its not helping
[ 2015.07.05 04:18:23 ] MistakenAce > ahhh I see
[ 2015.07.05 04:18:43 ] Richecko > who was shooting at the mach?
[ 2015.07.05 04:19:02 ] Richecko > ooh hello concord
[ 2015.07.05 04:19:03 ] Arva Teaks > mach just needs bumped dont attack
[ 2015.07.05 04:19:16 ] Michael Comet > I was! Going to can character so I went out in style! Please pick up pieces!
[ 2015.07.05 04:21:11 ] Merc Windrunner > Was the Gila one of ours?
[ 2015.07.05 04:21:35 ] Michael Comet > Yes! Just bought it!
[ 2015.07.05 04:21:47 ] Merc Windrunner > I have the salvage.
[ 2015.07.05 04:22:13 ] Merc Windrunner > Who are we bumping?
[ 2015.07.05 04:22:14 ] Lorn Malvo > you have 3 ways:1st is create noobish alt, learn webs and web machariel with 5 webs from griffin or something 2nd take 7 10mil thrashers and suicide him3rd take 500mwd cruiser and bump machariel :D
[ 2015.07.05 04:22:18 ] Denise Wicked > charon cant warp hes webbed still and taking damage
[ 2015.07.05 04:22:19 ] Michael Comet > Keep it!
[ 2015.07.05 04:25:11 ] Evanescent > need logi on charon
[ 2015.07.05 04:25:46 ] Richecko > damage from who?
[ 2015.07.05 04:25:51 ] Merc Windrunner > I have an Osprey in Jita.  Can I get back in time to matter?
[ 2015.07.05 04:26:07 ] MistakenAce > Yes
[ 2015.07.05 04:26:54 ] Merc Windrunner > Can I repair the Charon's shields without being tagged?
[ 2015.07.05 04:27:15 ] Evanescent > im check almost there
[ 2015.07.05 04:27:35 ] Evanescent > Richecko i dont know but someone is webbing him
[ 2015.07.05 04:27:44 ] MrB99 > webbing does not cause damage
[ 2015.07.05 04:28:14 ] Evanescent > have to go yellow to repair
[ 2015.07.05 04:28:16 ] Merc Windrunner > What is damaging him that the attacker isn't marked and attacked by Concord?
[ 2015.07.05 04:28:54 ] Evanescent > guys i think your doing more dasmage than good
[ 2015.07.05 04:29:16 ] MistakenAce > Is Full Metal Jackie attacking the Charon?
[ 2015.07.05 04:29:43 ] Richecko > i'm going suspect. screw it.
[ 2015.07.05 04:29:56 ] MistakenAce > Get out
[ 2015.07.05 04:30:02 ] Richecko > repping the charon
[ 2015.07.05 04:30:04 ] Merc Windrunner > Has anyone tried jamming the attacker?
[ 2015.07.05 04:30:06 ] Richecko > someone watch local for goons
[ 2015.07.05 04:30:18 ] Richecko > someone please say who is the attacker
[ 2015.07.05 04:31:09 ] Richecko > Kyle Ambramotte who is shooting at you

[ 2015.07.05 04:31:23 ] MistakenAce > Its full metal jackie
[ 2015.07.05 04:31:34 ] Evanescent > Full Metal Jackie
[ 2015.07.05 04:31:36 ] Richecko > kick him from fleet and ban his corp
[ 2015.07.05 04:31:45 ] Richecko > and if itn's an npc corp we'll deal with tha later

[ 2015.07.05 04:37:40 ] Denise Wicked > help came to destroy charon  Full Metal Jackie is attcking charon
[ 2015.07.05 04:37:52 ] Denise Wicked > logi were killed
[ 2015.07.05 04:43:58 ] KickAss Tivianne > Limited engagement?
[ 2015.07.05 04:45:54 ] Skaffen Akachi > Full Metal Jackie was in this channel earlier
[ 2015.07.05 04:46:04 ] Denise Wicked > Full Metal Jackie is in duel with him
[ 2015.07.05 04:46:21 ] Denise Wicked > said she had to to help him
[ 2015.07.05 04:46:28 ] Denise Wicked > now shes killing him
[ 2015.07.05 04:47:16 ] Skaffen Akachi > Must not accept duel request from someone you don't trust
[ 2015.07.05 04:49:35 ] KickAss Tivianne > What is  Full Metal Jackie  flying?
[ 2015.07.05 04:51:01 ] Denise Wicked > Incursus  Full Metal Jackie
[ 2015.07.05 04:51:10 ] Denise Wicked > need her killed
[ 2015.07.05 04:53:52 ] Denise Wicked > Sacrilege is what shes on they told me wrong
[ 2015.07.05 04:56:39 ] KickAss Tivianne > Where is it?
[ 2015.07.05 04:57:06 ] LingWai II > 2 jumps out w/ logi
[ 2015.07.05 04:57:35 ] Denise Wicked > Otela
[ 2015.07.05 04:57:39 ] KickAss Tivianne > where in Otela?
[ 2015.07.05 04:57:49 ] LingWai II > rgr
[ 2015.07.05 04:57:57 ] Denise Wicked > join my fleet and jump to him
[ 2015.07.05 04:58:10 ] LingWai II > fleet me then
[ 2015.07.05 04:58:27 ] LingWai II > got it
[ 2015.07.05 05:00:39 ] Telegram Sam > omw  20 jumps  heh

I know I got a little ahead of myself with the previous quote, but the encounter was registering at a length of autistic proportions. Throughout the process they would warp in logi at 0 and go suspect to repair the Charon's shields. I was highly annoyed, considering it took 'pile of cancer' a very long time to make that progress. I decided to hump Faylee 3 jumps over to Jita in order to retrieve my beloved Sacrilege! I came back and made quick work of any and all opposing idiots that dared go suspect.

Is it true? Could there be pilots more cancer-filled than my own FMJ?

Yeah, so I racked up 1.19b in kills, and even managed to scoop a measly 185m in loot. Full Metal Jackie ended up getting ganked, and the Charon escaped into the gloomy depths of space. It's easy to read this and scoff at how retarded I am, but I prefer to take my mistakes and learn from them (after I remind myself that I'm a filthy, terrible, idiot). I decided to put my covert cyno training on hold in order to put FMJ into a proper combat ship, so that if this ever happens again I will be prepared. Ganking for profit is definitely something that I'll be getting into soon (FMJ can fly a Bowhead ;]) but what's even better than ISK and assets is the purified tears of a risk averse miner.

Update 7/9/2015:

So I decided to go hunting around with these killrights I seem to just rack up occasionally. Sabre Dean was top on my list as he was one that helped gank Full Metal Jackie. A few locates and roughly 30 minutes later I manage to procure this.

[ 2015.07.09 04:00:51 ] Faylee Freir > gf though. Don't shoot at my alt next time. [ 2015.07.09 04:00:57 ] Sabre Dean > you just wasted several hours of my income though, satisfied your sense of revenge?

Fly Dangerously!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Horse Thieving


I'm going to start you off with this video because it's bad ass; then I'll get to the meat and potatoes.

We all remember my last post when I had a unique encounter with a certain "special" dumb individual. I did a good job of exposing just how weak and vulnerable he is, but I had no idea that his lack of brain function was only revealing the tip of the iceberg. I was very pleased with my previous performance and made it a habit of checking in with Lance. I took the opportunity to get to know a little about him through casual conversation, all which was really just to remind him that his payment for July's moon rent in Otela was coming up soon. I remember asking him questions about what exactly he does and what he's interested in, mainly because I'm always curious what stupid people have in their possession. I learn that he's sick and tired of the chump change isk /hour in Hi-Sec, and is really interested in exploring his options out in Null-Sec. Alarms are going off in my head as I see this as the perfect opportunity to start gaining his trust. We talk a good while about how I used to multi-box mine with ten accounts (ashamedly true) out in null while employed with Big Diggers (before I stole 50b), and while none of this information is really interesting at all to a person with a fully-functioning brain; I use it to plant the seed in his mind that I am experienced, knowledgeable, and a carebear at heart (false). I let his hopes and dreams of being space-rich stew inside him for a few days, before I contact him about joining my industrial corp.

I take a couple of days to plant seeds in Lance's mind that moving out to null with us is going to be a profitable venture, and am surprised to see how eager he is to drop everything and follow me. I don't know if I can explain what is going through my head when I'm molding the mind of a weak person, but Deekz tells me all the time that I over-think everything; but that's just part of the game for me. So the whole time I talk or type, I'm constantly thinking about what I say or do and how that is going to make someone think or react. I always have a goal in mind but allow the experience to flow freely as I'm thinking a few steps ahead. The best way I can explain it is that if I'm engaging in communication with you, I'm considering the emotions and direction in every word as the conversation twists and branches off like a confusing interstate system. Yeah... enough about how my twisted mind works, so lets get back to the good stuff. 

I know that I can't go straight for the throat, because in this case it would take a little prep work. I needed to wait until I knew he was going to commit before I started talking about ISK and what it takes to move out there. Luckily it didn't take long and I was able to tell him about how Deekz and I have already started buying all we needed for the big move. I proceed to talk between the three of us and casually bring up that I've put in roughly 11b and Deekz has done 13b. He seems shocked that we would commit such a large sum of ISK to the project, and is still completely on board when I tell him I'm going to send him a list of some of the remaining necessary items we need before we start moving. I have no idea how much he has in either ISK or assets, but I figure he will let us know when he runs out or is at his limit. We go about 24 hours in which I pretty much make myself sick with nervousness and anticipation. Would he really send us everything off this list? My over-thinking-everything brain starts racing as the possibility of him not being that stupid, but I'm quickly proven wrong.

5.11b according to Evepraisal!

I am super relieved and insanely happy at this point as Deekz and I celebrate our small victory. While the estimated 5.11b is great, it wasn't enough. I knew that through previous conversation that he was interested in flying a Legion and a Tengu, so while we wait for Deekz to sort through the assets I bring up ratting and anoms. I really don't know a lot about ratting or anoms, but I figure he doesn't either so I decide to ham it up a good bit to see if anything juicy surfaces. I drop my poopsock as he reveals that he can fly Marauders and even has a Paladin! We both chuckle as I tell him to imagine afk mining with his alts while he runs sites with us in his Paladin, and I know for sure I've got him. It takes him a while to consolidate all of his assets to prep for contract, and we chat about where exactly we're going to live. Yeah, that's right at this point he still doesn't even know which region we're going to be moving to. Time goes on, but it's not long before we start receiving his personal assets he's wanting to bring. We had no idea exactly what to expect...

2.4b according to Evepraisal!
129.67m according to Evepraisal!

While we were super happy to get more out of him, I was bummed to not see a Paladin. I start to think that he's holding out, and decide it was time to get his full API's. I proceed with a plan to not raise any questions when I ask for his API, and it works out beautifully. I tell him that I'm setting up authentication software for our voice server that will keep it secure from spies. It will of course associate trusted members with their API keys stored safely in a database that no one has access to. He hands over all of his full / account-wide APIs and we begin combing through everything. We immediately spot 1.3b liquid and 2.3b in active sell orders. We see where he sold his Paladin, and had up an Obelisk and some ice, so naturally I start thinking about how we're going to squeeze the last bit from him. My mind is racing as I'm going through natural dialog paths, likely reactions, and how to best handle the situation. I had about 3 unique plans that I could try, so I started running them by the guys... At this point Deekz and I were joined by Toxic Yaken and Cyclo Hexanol and we decided that the best plan was actually going to be the hardest and most entertaining.

Deekz was posing as our jump freighter pilot, and I was going to help him by lighting his cynos. Toxic and Cyclo were going to play the part of scary (but honorable) nullsec pirates. The plan was to to have them catch the jump freighter as we land on the other side of the cyno and immediately start ransoming us. The rough details were explained, and some of the key points harped on excessively so I felt like we had a good shot at this.


Scene One

Deekz and I get into mumble and talk for a bit before we're joined by Lance. We do a lot of small talk about what we're excited to do when we get our "home" setup, and I inform him that Deekz and I are actually about to start moving the jump freighter. I ask Deekz if he's ready for the first cyno and explain that I'm going to initiate a count down from three, where he'll jump at the count of one. He acknowledges the instructions and I start counting, "Three, Two, One...". I cannot believe that my computer just crashed... What seems like a major annoyance, actually played out to be perfect timing, because as soon as I rebooted and hopped back in comms Deekz had immediately started screaming on mumble that he was tackled. I snap back into my role and immediately start telling him to calm down, sit tight, and that I was batphoning. Deekz did a good job at sounding panicked and even our friend Lance is trying to help the situation by keeping Deekz calm. Deekz announces that he has (10) T3 cruisers on grid and that a Toxic Yaken was requesting a private chat. Toxic demands that if Deekz wants to keep the jump freighter that we follow him into his teamspeak to discuss terms of ransom. Deeks hands out the IP where Lance and I follow him. I immediately notice that Cyclo is nowhere to be found and I start to worry. Toxic messages me Cyclo's internet had gone down and wouldn't be able to help. I make best of the situation and the ransoming starts as I'm relaying messages to Toxic from under the table of our private conversation. I tell him to demand 8b and he'll let us go.

Scene Two

[ 2015.06.30 06:05:46 ] Faylee Freir > I have some isk
[ 2015.06.30 06:05:46 ] Deekz > Fuck, I can't cover that
[ 2015.06.30 06:05:53 ] Lucass Deninard > uhmm
[ 2015.06.30 06:06:01 ] Faylee Freir > Sending him some now
[ 2015.06.30 06:06:02 ] Lucass Deninard > what are we gonna do?
[ 2015.06.30 06:06:12 ] Faylee Freir > We need to pay this shit.
[ 2015.06.30 06:06:13 ] Deekz > We don't have much of a choice
[ 2015.06.30 06:06:16 ] Faylee Freir > I kno
[ 2015.06.30 06:06:18 ] Lucass Deninard > we have no choice
[ 2015.06.30 06:06:28 ] Deekz > I recognize their FC, he's pretty well known for catching JFs
[ 2015.06.30 06:06:39 ] Faylee Freir > I have 2b liquid right now. No free assets.
[ 2015.06.30 06:07:02 ] Deekz > I'v got about 2.3b in my wallet and nothing else
[ 2015.06.30 06:07:14 ] Deekz > That's not 8...
[ 2015.06.30 06:07:19 ] Lucass Deninard > i only have 1.2 b
[ 2015.06.30 06:07:21 ] Faylee Freir > Sending him now
[ 2015.06.30 06:07:57 ] Deekz > Shit, I'll send him mine
[ 2015.06.30 06:08:07 ] Faylee Freir > Lucass Deninard we will give you shit when we land in station. We're going to dock immediately when this is done
[ 2015.06.30 06:08:15 ] Faylee Freir > Send to Toxic Yaken
[ 2015.06.30 06:08:19 ] Lucass Deninard > how much??
[ 2015.06.30 06:08:50 ] Faylee Freir > Do the 1.2 man. Like I said we will pay back from our own stash
[ 2015.06.30 06:09:13 ] Lucass Deninard > 2 bill sent fuck it
[ 2015.06.30 06:09:24 ] Lucass Deninard > sold somethin
[ 2015.06.30 06:09:32 ] Faylee Freir > You have more to sell?
[ 2015.06.30 06:09:40 ] Faylee Freir > damnit
[ 2015.06.30 06:09:55 ] Deekz > I can't find anything in my assets worth a damn
[ 2015.06.30 06:10:05 ] Lucass Deninard > i have nothing left lol
[ 2015.06.30 06:10:27 ] Faylee Freir > Assets on the market or anything in Jita?
[ 2015.06.30 06:10:32 ] Faylee Freir > I just canceled some sell orders
[ 2015.06.30 06:10:33 ] Deekz > They started shooting again, fuck
[ 2015.06.30 06:10:36 ] Faylee Freir > going to contract him some ships
[ 2015.06.30 06:10:38 ] Faylee Freir > FUCK
[ 2015.06.30 06:11:46 ] Deekz > OK, I found a couple BS I can contract. One min

The entire time this went on Toxic would announce the fake payments from Deekz and I, while screaming, "MORE, MORE, MORE! It's not enough! Do you want to lose everything you have in this jump freighter?". Toxic does a beautiful job playing his role, and Deekz and I do a great job of making him feel like he needs to pay the ransom. Toxic informs us that he has 3b from Lucas, so we decided that enough is enough.


The Finale

The next 5 minutes are spent with Toxic stalling, while Deekz and I decide if we should have the jump freighter "blown up" and possibly get the last few hundred million isk he has left, or if we should end it. I am once again reminded that I put too much thought into it, and to just make a decision. I was happy with the whole project thus far and had a great deal of fun in the process, so I decided it was time to come clean with Lance. No, he didn't cry or beg us and while he was upset at the events that took place; it didn't seem to cause him any real distress.

Lance left teamspeak and Deekz, Toxic, and I were left to do our victory laps. The moments right after a theft or scam takes place are the best, mainly because they are fresh and you're sitting there in awe about what actually had just happened. I knew the plan would work, because hey... if you've dumped almost 9b in a jump freighter, wouldn't you be shaking your wallet out looking for any amount of ISK to save it? Thefts like these are fun, mainly because all it took was communication. I didn't have to do anything or fly anywhere, and from start to finish I was happily doing other activities. I'm glad I got to get my friends in on it, and while keeping the entire loot pile to myself seems better to others; I'm someone that cares more about the friends I did it with and the fun we had. In case you had forgotten in the midst of all this scamming, Lance still has his POS up in Otela and will still be owing Rent for July. I contacted him to hammer out those details...

[ 2015.06.30 16:26:38 ] Lance Pares > what do you want?
[ 2015.06.30 16:27:02 ] Faylee Freir > I want to check in about next month's rent.
[ 2015.06.30 16:27:14 ] Lance Pares > this is the last time we are speaking
[ 2015.06.30 16:27:17 ] Lance Pares > after what you did
[ 2015.06.30 16:27:27 ] Faylee Freir > So you're moving your pos?
[ 2015.06.30 16:27:31 ] Lance Pares > no
[ 2015.06.30 16:27:33 ] Lance Pares > im not
[ 2015.06.30 16:27:43 ] Faylee Freir > So you're paying the rent?
[ 2015.06.30 16:27:46 ] Lance Pares > nope
[ 2015.06.30 16:27:51 ] Faylee Freir > May I ask why?
[ 2015.06.30 16:29:03 ] Lance Pares > why the hell would i do that i was nothing but nice to you willing to work with you all i wanted to have was new friends in this game and you just completely ruined my game experience you dont deserve any isk from me.
[ 2015.06.30 16:29:35 ] Faylee Freir > That moon is mine.
[ 2015.06.30 16:29:57 ] Lance Pares > yeah well
[ 2015.06.30 16:30:01 ] Lance Pares > the 10 b worth of stuff
[ 2015.06.30 16:30:02 ] Lance Pares > is mine to
[ 2015.06.30 16:30:50 ] Faylee Freir > Well
[ 2015.06.30 16:31:34 ] Faylee Freir > Well technically you have nothing to bargain with.
[ 2015.06.30 16:31:42 ] Faylee Freir > Only the last bit of isk you have.
[ 2015.06.30 16:32:49 ] Faylee Freir > I do have an alternate ending for you though.
[ 2015.06.30 16:33:20 ] Lance Pares > and what would that be
[ 2015.06.30 16:33:20 ] Faylee Freir > I have a friend that is getting some guys together to start something out in Lowsec. Their ultimate goal is to make it big in null. He'd love to have you join them.
[ 2015.06.30 16:36:21 ] Faylee Freir > Well, I take that as a no.
[ 2015.06.30 16:36:39 ] Lance Pares > im done wit you there is nothing left to be said you wont give me my stuff back you ruin the game for people whatever i wont be speaking to you any longer.
[ 2015.06.30 16:36:43 ] Faylee Freir > Last time I'm going to tell you though. Pay your rent or get off my moon.
[ 2015.06.30 16:37:05 ] Lance Pares > good bye faylee freir you were cool till you did this.
[ 2015.06.30 16:37:21 ] Faylee Freir > PAY.
[ 2015.06.30 16:37:22 ] Faylee Freir > MY.
[ 2015.06.30 16:37:24 ] Faylee Freir > RENT.

Looks like the final count adds up to somewhere around 10.6b, without factoring in things like our blueprints and their research. Here's the evepraisals if you're interested in what we actually got: Contract #1, Contract #2, Contract #3, and the 3b in liquid. With our wallets fattened and our spirits high, we rode off into the sunset. I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll see Lucas, and I hope that future encounters prove to be just as profitable!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Extortion - all in the game, yo


It's been far too long since I've logged into EVE, and I have work and my family to thank for that. If you throw in trying to work with my builder on the construction of my house, you get a huge mess that leaves hardly any time for anything but sleep and work. My month or so of overtime and a busy real life came at a great time, because I was starting to get burnt out and tired of games in general. I am back, rested up, and ready for more fun (for me at least).

I knew that I wanted to try and throw out some casual wardecs as I had missed the feeling of hunting and stalking, and although I'm not space-poor by any means; I felt like fighting on behalf of someone else's wallet. I had never looked at assistance requests before, but you can find LOTS of great content for free. I studied the list of available wars for me to jump into, did some research as to who I'd be fighting, and decided to throw out 2-3 offers for 50,000,000 ISK to see what would come of it. I was lucky enough to have one accepted and a convo request. 

I was approached by my client and he told me that his aggressors blew up his pos, anchored their own, and now continue to mine with an Orca on grid... DURING WAR. There are a few things that will make people in my line of business go from flacid to full-on raging chub; and when you put "Orca", "mining", and "wartarget" in the same sentence you can bet I'm looking over my shoulders to make sure no one is going to walk in on me.

[ 2015.05.26 14:36:36 ] KiKi Ademeit > there's an excellent chance of bagging an Orca in this war.  these guys have just kept on mining like nothings happened.

So with this juicy intel and a burning in my loins for a kill (totally not an STD I swear), I set out on my whaling expedition. I do the usual bit of scouting which includes running locates and combing killboards and employment history, and am elated to find them, but totally bummed that they are floating in their POS shields while sitting in an Orca and a Skiff. My client informs me that they mainly mine ice, so I figure they are just waiting for the anom to pop up. I had found them early that morning after downtime and I had errands to run and such, so I kept my eyes on the POS where I could monitor them. Fast forward to later that evening and I'm just finishing supper when I look over at the computer and see notifications popping up informing me that there's something to kill. I make it to the computer just in time to see the Orca warping off to an ice belt. A few tactical bookmarks and one sexy cloaky warp-in later and I snag an Orca, Skiff + pod, and a hero autistic Griffin (who foolishly mistook me as a ganker and even granted me a killright).

I had mentioned earlier that I'm trying to work on my "yarring" and even though I didn't get the 100m I felt like the process went a little less autistic than normal.

[ 2015.05.26 23:43:34 ] Lance Pares > cant i help you
[ 2015.05.26 23:43:50 ] Faylee Freir > Yes you can.
[ 2015.05.26 23:44:01 ] Faylee Freir > Would you like to live?
[ 2015.05.26 23:44:54 ] Faylee Freir > 100m right now and you go free
[ 2015.05.26 23:44:56 ] Lance Pares > of course i would
[ 2015.05.26 23:44:59 ] Lance Pares > lol
[ 2015.05.26 23:45:32 ] Faylee Freir > you have 1m
[ 2015.05.26 23:45:48 ] Lance Pares > are we at war or something
[ 2015.05.26 23:45:52 ] Lance Pares > is that why you can kill me lol
[ 2015.05.26 23:46:50 ] Faylee Freir > Yes.
[ 2015.05.26 23:46:55 ] Faylee Freir > 100m and you go free.
[ 2015.05.26 23:47:19 ] Lance Pares > hm
[ 2015.05.26 23:47:22 ] Lance Pares > i dont get it
[ 2015.05.26 23:47:23 ] Faylee Freir > 20 seconds
[ 2015.05.26 23:47:26 ] Faylee Freir > Give me 100m
[ 2015.05.26 23:47:27 ] Faylee Freir > and you live
[ 2015.05.26 23:47:35 ] Faylee Freir > Whats not to get?
[ 2015.05.26 23:47:44 ] Lance Pares > why can you attack but no concord?
[ 2015.05.26 23:47:47 ] Lance Pares > thats what i want to know
[ 2015.05.26 23:47:49 ] Faylee Freir > We're at war.
[ 2015.05.26 23:48:05 ] Faylee Freir > stop delaying... send me 100m and you live
[ 2015.05.26 23:48:07 ] Lance Pares > ohhh i see
[ 2015.05.26 23:48:08 ] Faylee Freir > and you keep your orca.
[ 2015.05.26 23:48:12 ] Lance Pares > fine
[ 2015.05.26 23:48:15 ] Lance Pares > stop  shooting me
[ 2015.05.26 23:49:10 ] Faylee Freir > You should have listened to me. 
 I was very surprised (not really) and thankful that he hadn't paid any attention at all to his notifications that would have given him a 3 hours notice that I would be coming to kill him. Now I'm normally not an honorable person or even someone that cares about anyone (outside of my small group of e-friends) but I decided that since this was my first real client that I would work hard to please him. 

[ 2015.05.26 23:49:38 ] Faylee Freir > I was hired by a client.
[ 2015.05.26 23:50:07 ] Lance Pares > and whom is that
[ 2015.05.26 23:50:38 ] Faylee Freir > KiKi Ademeit
[ 2015.05.26 23:50:43 ] Faylee Freir > you guys blew up his pos.
[ 2015.05.26 23:51:13 ] Lance Pares > ohhh
[ 2015.05.26 23:51:17 ] Lance Pares > i didnt think he was active
[ 2015.05.26 23:51:27 ] Lance Pares > figures
[ 2015.05.26 23:51:29 ] Faylee Freir > he was
[ 2015.05.26 23:52:10 ] Faylee Freir > You are to repay him for his losses.
[ 2015.05.26 23:52:29 ] Lance Pares > i could but
[ 2015.05.26 23:52:33 ] Lance Pares > i mean i just lost an orca
[ 2015.05.26 23:52:36 ] Lance Pares > i think thats plentyh
[ 2015.05.26 23:52:45 ] Faylee Freir > Nope.
[ 2015.05.26 23:53:32 ] Lance Pares > lol he wasent even using that pos
[ 2015.05.26 23:53:37 ] Faylee Freir > He does use it.
[ 2015.05.26 23:53:46 ] Faylee Freir > He onlines it to compress and refine his ore.
[ 2015.05.26 23:53:52 ] Faylee Freir > Leaves it offline when he's not doing a batch.
[ 2015.05.26 23:53:56 ] Faylee Freir > Do you understand?
[ 2015.05.26 23:54:01 ] Lance Pares > yes i do
[ 2015.05.26 23:54:06 ] Faylee Freir > So you will repay him?
[ 2015.05.26 23:54:12 ] Lance Pares > terms?
[ 2015.05.26 23:54:24 ] Faylee Freir > You repay him in full or you continue to die.
[ 2015.05.26 23:54:32 ] Faylee Freir > You have 1 hour.
[ 2015.05.26 23:54:41 ] Lance Pares > to pay how much?
[ 2015.05.26 23:55:03 ] Faylee Freir > 65m
[ 2015.05.26 23:55:19 ] Lance Pares > i can do that
[ 2015.05.26 23:55:25 ] Faylee Freir > wait
[ 2015.05.26 23:55:30 ] Faylee Freir > price was off
[ 2015.05.26 23:55:34 ] Faylee Freir > 70m for his control tower.
[ 2015.05.26 23:55:50 ] Faylee Freir > and 10m for the 2 pos modules you destroyed.
[ 2015.05.26 23:55:52 ] Faylee Freir > so 80m.
[ 2015.05.26 23:55:57 ] Lance Pares > okay
[ 2015.05.26 23:56:05 ] Faylee Freir > I will confirm with him that payment was received.
[ 2015.05.26 23:56:24 ] Faylee Freir > You also need to write him a simple evemail stating that it was a misunderstanding that you're sorry.
[ 2015.05.26 23:57:06 ] Lance Pares > alrighty
[ 2015.05.26 23:59:13 ] Lance Pares > all done
[ 2015.05.27 00:00:36 ] Faylee Freir > Alright. I will confirm this with him and let you know when I've received word from him.
[ 2015.05.27 00:00:56 ] Lance Pares > alright
[ 2015.05.27 00:01:40 ] Faylee Freir > Thank you for your understanding.
[ 2015.05.27 00:01:59 ] Lance Pares > yep i dont particurally get mad unless its for no reason you know?
[ 2015.05.27 00:02:12 ] Lance Pares > knowing what you told me makes a lot of sense so
[ 2015.05.27 00:02:23 ] Faylee Freir > I understand. I only wish you were able to save your Orca :x
[ 2015.05.27 00:02:29 ] Lance Pares > its alright
[ 2015.05.27 00:02:36 ] Faylee Freir > Cause and effect is what makes EVE the great game it is.
[ 2015.05.27 00:02:38 ] Lance Pares > cant do anything now lol
[ 2015.05.27 00:02:45 ] Lance Pares > first fuck up in awhile
[ 2015.05.27 00:16:34 ] Faylee Freir > No worries. Enjoy your evening. I'm off to spend time with the wife :]
[ 2015.05.27 00:17:36 ] Lance Pares > later

So to sum it up at this point I nabbed an Orca, Skiff, Griffin, forced an apology letter from the aggressor as well as compensation for my client's exploded POS bits. My client is extremely pleased with the quality of work at this point and tells me that he wants me to continue to make their life hard. You are very safe to assume that at this point the aggressors have all jumped ship except one member to hold CEO. I have never really knocked on a POS with online defenses, but figured that it was worth looking into since they all dropped in the name of carebearing. I scoot my way back to the POS where I plug their build into this nifty little website. I determine that with the help of a friend and some neutral Logi we can knock on their door a little without fear of dying. I had no intentions of actually tearing the thing apart, but was more or less interested in how they would react. I completely understand why people absolutely HATE structure kills, and was elated when their last standing member threw up a convo request.

[ 2015.05.27 14:36:53 ] Faylee Freir > Would you like us to stop?
[ 2015.05.27 14:37:09 ] Lucass Deninard > yees but i take it you wont
[ 2015.05.27 14:37:22 ] Faylee Freir > We'd require payment
[ 2015.05.27 14:37:23 ] Faylee Freir > 200m
[ 2015.05.27 14:37:55 ] Lucass Deninard > so if i give you 200 mill you will surrender and leave me be
[ 2015.05.27 14:38:21 ] Faylee Freir > 200m to stop shooting the tower
[ 2015.05.27 14:39:47 ] Lucass Deninard > then what
[ 2015.05.27 14:40:04 ] Faylee Freir > actually
[ 2015.05.27 14:40:07 ] Faylee Freir > Talking with kiki
[ 2015.05.27 14:40:13 ] Faylee Freir > We will drop the war for 300m
[ 2015.05.27 14:40:15 ] Faylee Freir > and leave you alone
[ 2015.05.27 14:40:43 ] Lucass Deninard > i am willing to pay if you seriously will do so
[ 2015.05.27 14:41:05 ] Faylee Freir > This is my business
[ 2015.05.27 14:41:05 ] Lucass Deninard > all i wanted to do here is start something i never intended for it to go down like this...
[ 2015.05.27 14:41:30 ] Faylee Freir > If you pay I will honor my word
[ 2015.05.27 14:41:30 ] Lucass Deninard > start a buisness that is
[ 2015.05.27 14:42:16 ] Lucass Deninard > i can agree to those terms
[ 2015.05.27 14:42:22 ] Faylee Freir > alright.
[ 2015.05.27 14:42:29 ] Lucass Deninard > and whom should be recieveing the funds
[ 2015.05.27 14:42:39 ] Faylee Freir > Myself.
[ 2015.05.27 14:42:56 ] Lucass Deninard > one moment i must log on to my other account

 Sweet! An easy 300m to split between myself and Toxic for assisting in this boring task. During this process we were in comms with Kiki telling him all that we were doing to his aggressors. We were laughing about the easy 300m when all of a sudden my creative juices start churning. Call it greed, harassment (lol), and/or cruel but the end result of my brainstorming resulted in this....

[ 2015.05.27 14:45:20 ] Lance Pares > ok
[ 2015.05.27 14:46:12 ] Lance Pares > ive made payment weather or not your honor this agreement is in your hands now
[ 2015.05.27 14:46:48 ] Lance Pares > wow idk how the fuck that reproccessing array is up there LOL
[ 2015.05.27 14:47:43 ] Faylee Freir > oh yeah haha
[ 2015.05.27 14:48:05 ] Faylee Freir > alright
[ 2015.05.27 14:48:09 ] Faylee Freir > We've stopped.
[ 2015.05.27 14:48:16 ] Lance Pares > thank you
[ 2015.05.27 14:50:17 ] Lance Pares > so before you leave this chat he is in agreement that i will not be harassed further?
[ 2015.05.27 14:51:36 ] Faylee Freir > So here's the deal.
[ 2015.05.27 14:52:12 ] Lance Pares > ?
[ 2015.05.27 14:52:50 ] Lance Pares > ill say this has been one hell of an experience
[ 2015.05.27 14:56:12 ] Faylee Freir > sec typing
[ 2015.05.27 15:07:46 ] Faylee Freir > See the thing is he used that moon as his primary form of isk making. For him to be alright with you taking it from him, he is requiring you pay him 150m a month to keep the violence at bay.
[ 2015.05.27 15:08:30 ] Lance Pares > i believe thats acceptable
[ 2015.05.27 15:09:11 ] Lance Pares > i can agree to those terms
[ 2015.05.27 15:12:35 ] Faylee Freir > Alright, payments are to be made on the 1st of every month. For every day you are late it will add 75m to that months payment. If you're deliquent after the 3rd day you will start getting war decs.
[ 2015.05.27 15:13:41 ] Faylee Freir > Do you agree?
[ 2015.05.27 15:14:23 ] Lance Pares > may i make a payment not this first but the next to recover from all my losses? is that okay?
[ 2015.05.27 15:14:36 ] Lance Pares > or am i expected to pay june 1st as well?
[ 2015.05.27 15:15:03 ] Lance Pares > and to whom will i make payments to  Faylee Freir <---?
[ 2015.05.27 15:16:35 ] Faylee Freir > If you need isk you can sell a Skiff. You have 5 day to make 150m to pay. Your first payment is due on June 1st.
[ 2015.05.27 15:16:46 ] Faylee Freir > Payment is to be made to KiKi Ademeit
[ 2015.05.27 15:16:49 ] Lance Pares > understood
[ 2015.05.27 15:17:05 ] Faylee Freir > So you agree to these terms?
[ 2015.05.27 15:17:16 ] Lance Pares > yes i agree to your terms
[ 2015.05.27 15:24:02 ] Faylee Freir > I will be writing you an evemail for you to forward to both myself and Kiki so we can have this in writing. Give me some time and I will get this to you.
[ 2015.05.27 15:24:34 ] Lance Pares > alright no problem i may fall asleep because ive litterly been up for almost 24 hours somehow lol
[ 2015.05.27 15:24:55 ] Lance Pares > but i will write and sign whatever you need me to
[ 2015.05.27 15:27:32 ] Faylee Freir > Alright good deal.
[ 2015.05.27 16:10:27 ] Faylee Freir > Alright, it's sent.

I work hard for my clients!

We are all bursting at the seams with laughter and amazement as Kiki proceeds to ask me, "Do you work for a collection agency or something?". There's no way I would act like this in real life whatsoever because if you remember, anyone who acts like this on the internet must be a basement-dwelling skinny nerd, homosexual faggot whose parents hated him (oh don't forget pathetic and psychotic).

So lets take a moment and recap what happened in this war:
  • Get paid 50m to assist in the war
  • Kill an Orca, Skiff, and pod
  • Get client repaid 80m for his lost POS
  • Knock around aggressors POS and get a 300m ransom
  • Lock aggressors into a moon rental contract for 150m a month (paid to Kiki)

This totals up to 350m for me and 230m for Kiki. It made for an exciting two days and probably one of the coolest things I've done in eve thus far.  Sure I'm not going toe-to-toe with battle hardened pilots in a test of my own strength, but that's not really what I'm about. Remember, I'm bad at the game so I tend to pick on the weak. Might sound pathetic, but it makes for good content. I think back on what I've done in my time playing EVE, and I think I can add "extortionist" to this short video.

Fly Dangerously!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Never rule out stupidity...


I wish I had enough content worth writing about on a consistent basis. I only hope that these infrequent blips of my activity prove entertaining to at least one reader... So a bit has changed for me recently as I've joined a wormhole corp. There's a kind of mystical appeal to the style of pvp you find in w-space, and I'm hoping to learn a lot and grow as a player. I love hunting, and I don't mind putting the time in to properly stalk a target to secure kills.

First solo kill in w-space! Check out his fit bro!
I have always wanted a reason to pursue specific entities or players. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love landing point on someone in a pants-around-the-ankles fashion. The nemesis or motive behind the evil has always been missing... until now! So in the process of applying to my wormhole corp I had to post an application on their forums in which members were told to ask me questions and give their inputs. I felt the whole process was going well on the forums until one particularly autistic person posts in the thread.

Now I am not, nor have I ever made myself out to be even a decent pvp'er. I still get the shakes when going in for tackle, derp occasionally, and know less than I should about mechanics. There are a few things about Logan's reply that really set me off:

  • He claimed that most of my kills were "pos kills". I assume he meant the MTU's and scoffed that he had no idea what one was (I guess he failed to see that I recently murdered both a Kronos and an officer fit Dominix solo in an Ishkur.. again I'm not good)
  • He makes empty assumptions about my pvp ability and knowledge, all while sporting a killboard full of RvB kills (not dissing.. I just don't see anything challenging that puts him in a position to critique me like this. Kinda like forum alts that lack a killboard, but always seem to critique others)
  • He was bashing me because I choose to spend real money on Plex to afford some of what I do (I do have passive incomes, but will buy a Plex in a heartbeat if I need to)

The last point is what really set me off like a matador taunting a bull. He has no right saying that what I do is wrong or bad. Yeah passive income is best income, but I have been through the whole feeling like I NEED to make isk in order to pay for my hobby. Sorry, but I choose to be a free man and play the game in the way I prefer (blowing people up).

So I get into corp and can't help but be continuously annoyed at Logan. It hadn't been a solid week and his constant whining, continued scoffing at buying plex, and general doucheness is really getting to me. To make a long and controversial story short, Logan leaves the corp after white-knighting on an incursion gank fleet that one of our members was a part of. Logan was trying wormholes for the first time, but his main bread winning activity was incursions with TVP. So upon his departure, he joined his 1-man tax evasion corp and got comfortable doing incursions in hi-sec. I was OVERJOYED when leadership decided to wardec him, as I dreamed of murdering his shiny Vindicator as a payback for the annoyance, insults, and white knighting. 

We know he's fit for incursions, we know where he'll be, and we have a plan. I set out with my alt to get eyes on him before the war goes live, and I'm pleased to report to my corp that he's actively running incursions and hasn't dropped corp yet. I call for extra bodies to whore on the easy kill as we wait for the war to go live, but end up getting blue-balled as he docks 1 minute after it goes live. I personally sat on him for around 8 hours half-afk at times so that I could make sure we knew when he started back with the TVP fleet. Some of you might think that 8 hours is obsessive or crazy, but I REALLY wanted him dead and so did my corp. We will soon find that the 8 hours of stalking will be completely worth it as tomorrow dawns a new day...

Plugging his fit into Pyfa it's easy to see that his +22.9 cap regen is his weakness!

I wake up and immediately log my alt in to get eyes in system, only to find that Logan is offline. I'm completely baffled that he still hadn't dropped corp to shed the wardec mainly because I thought wartargets weren't allowed in TVP fleets. I leave my alt in system and casually keep tabs on him throughout the day while being mostly afk and spending time with the family. I was alone in this mission at this point as everyone had returned to our wormhole and we didn't have any k-space exits. I don't know if everyone will understand the feeling, but most of the time when you hear the PING! sound from your notification tray; it seems as though it's ALWAYS a wartarget logging after you've finally moved your scout 40j to get eyes... This ping was different though, as it was alerting me that Logan Ladart was online. The blood starts pumping as I confirm that he still hadn't dropped corp, and he is currently undocked and in system. I am able to confirm that he's in a TVP fleet because of his self-named Vindicator in space as I drop combat probes to figure out which site the fleet is currently running.

I wait for them to finish that site and let them head to the next as I warp my non-cloaky scout in an Imicus (whose existence I had shared publicly on the corp application he so rudely posted on) and approach him. They are obviously waiting for the FC to arrive as there are only a handful of his fleet on grid with him, as I land on him at 0 with my Legion... LOCK, POINT, and ORBIT.

Nice ship bro!

I always look back with disgust as I ransom someone. I have no style or consistency, mainly because I'm always paranoid of help arriving in the form of suicide ECM or a gank. I need to make a point to be more piratey and all that stuff that people hate. I feel like I come off as some crack addict trying to steal an old woman's purse... This needs to change.

[ 2015.04.20 00:59:15 ] Faylee Freir > 500m
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:15 ] Logan Ladart > what the hell???
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:28 ] Logan Ladart > paid
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:30 ] Logan Ladart > disengage
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:46 ] Faylee Freir > 200m
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:49 ] Faylee Freir > and you go
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:51 ] Faylee Freir > that was too low
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:57 ] Faylee Freir > considering you are in a 3.3 b vindy
[ 2015.04.20 01:00:32 ] Faylee Freir > pay up
[ 2015.04.20 01:00:33 ] Faylee Freir > 200m
[ 2015.04.20 01:00:55 ] Faylee Freir > you have 30 seconds before I close this convo and you die.
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:01 ] Logan Ladart > pauid
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:06 ] Logan Ladart > let me go please
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:15 ] Faylee Freir > You need to make a post on the forums
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:16 ] Faylee Freir > now
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:21 ] Logan Ladart > ki will
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:22 ] Faylee Freir > and undo what you did
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:24 ] Faylee Freir > RIGHT NOW
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:26 ] Faylee Freir > and link it
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:26 ] Logan Ladart > i will
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:29 ] Logan Ladart > i cant
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:34 ] Faylee Freir > you have 1 min.
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:34 ] Logan Ladart > stop agressing and i will
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:44 ] Logan Ladart > just hold tackle and reut
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:45 ] Logan Ladart > neut
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:50 ] Logan Ladart > ill do it
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:55 ] Faylee Freir > POST IT NOW

 Let's take a moment to dissect Logan's first comment when he says, "what the hell???". It's obvious that he had NO IDEA that he was war dec'd regardless of getting a notification in his mail and an indicator on his notification UI. Complete scrub move, really. If you're reading this and I ever try to ransom you, don't pay. Save your isk as you are going to die anyway.

[ 2015.04.20 01:02:53 ] Logan Ladart > oh well
[ 2015.04.20 01:03:02 ] Logan Ladart > guess ill buy another one and make a new corp
I have no idea how kill values are set in-game, but I prefer to go off of I post the kill in local as I'm beating my chest. I normally post a gif upon tackle, but I opt to put the cherry on top with this:
[01:09:57] Faylee Freir > See, you don't HAVE to pve to make isk in this game. I can just blow you up and you give me isk.
I'm happy with the loot, 700m ransom, and a 4.2b killmail, but my "interaction" with Logan is far from over. I won't go into details, but it doesn't take hardly any time at all for you to sit in comms with him to realize that this guy is a major tool.

Logan, thanks for the content. I am your new best f(r)iend. Fly Dangerously!

PS. To quote your post on my application... "This shit is not for the feint of heart".