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I wish I had enough content worth writing about on a consistent basis. I only hope that these infrequent blips of my activity prove entertaining to at least one reader... So a bit has changed for me recently as I've joined a wormhole corp. There's a kind of mystical appeal to the style of pvp you find in w-space, and I'm hoping to learn a lot and grow as a player. I love hunting, and I don't mind putting the time in to properly stalk a target to secure kills.

First solo kill in w-space! Check out his fit bro!
I have always wanted a reason to pursue specific entities or players. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love landing point on someone in a pants-around-the-ankles fashion. The nemesis or motive behind the evil has always been missing... until now! So in the process of applying to my wormhole corp I had to post an application on their forums in which members were told to ask me questions and give their inputs. I felt the whole process was going well on the forums until one particularly autistic person posts in the thread.

Now I am not, nor have I ever made myself out to be even a decent pvp'er. I still get the shakes when going in for tackle, derp occasionally, and know less than I should about mechanics. There are a few things about Logan's reply that really set me off:

  • He claimed that most of my kills were "pos kills". I assume he meant the MTU's and scoffed that he had no idea what one was (I guess he failed to see that I recently murdered both a Kronos and an officer fit Dominix solo in an Ishkur.. again I'm not good)
  • He makes empty assumptions about my pvp ability and knowledge, all while sporting a killboard full of RvB kills (not dissing.. I just don't see anything challenging that puts him in a position to critique me like this. Kinda like forum alts that lack a killboard, but always seem to critique others)
  • He was bashing me because I choose to spend real money on Plex to afford some of what I do (I do have passive incomes, but will buy a Plex in a heartbeat if I need to)

The last point is what really set me off like a matador taunting a bull. He has no right saying that what I do is wrong or bad. Yeah passive income is best income, but I have been through the whole feeling like I NEED to make isk in order to pay for my hobby. Sorry, but I choose to be a free man and play the game in the way I prefer (blowing people up).

So I get into corp and can't help but be continuously annoyed at Logan. It hadn't been a solid week and his constant whining, continued scoffing at buying plex, and general doucheness is really getting to me. To make a long and controversial story short, Logan leaves the corp after white-knighting on an incursion gank fleet that one of our members was a part of. Logan was trying wormholes for the first time, but his main bread winning activity was incursions with TVP. So upon his departure, he joined his 1-man tax evasion corp and got comfortable doing incursions in hi-sec. I was OVERJOYED when leadership decided to wardec him, as I dreamed of murdering his shiny Vindicator as a payback for the annoyance, insults, and white knighting. 

We know he's fit for incursions, we know where he'll be, and we have a plan. I set out with my alt to get eyes on him before the war goes live, and I'm pleased to report to my corp that he's actively running incursions and hasn't dropped corp yet. I call for extra bodies to whore on the easy kill as we wait for the war to go live, but end up getting blue-balled as he docks 1 minute after it goes live. I personally sat on him for around 8 hours half-afk at times so that I could make sure we knew when he started back with the TVP fleet. Some of you might think that 8 hours is obsessive or crazy, but I REALLY wanted him dead and so did my corp. We will soon find that the 8 hours of stalking will be completely worth it as tomorrow dawns a new day...

Plugging his fit into Pyfa it's easy to see that his +22.9 cap regen is his weakness!

I wake up and immediately log my alt in to get eyes in system, only to find that Logan is offline. I'm completely baffled that he still hadn't dropped corp to shed the wardec mainly because I thought wartargets weren't allowed in TVP fleets. I leave my alt in system and casually keep tabs on him throughout the day while being mostly afk and spending time with the family. I was alone in this mission at this point as everyone had returned to our wormhole and we didn't have any k-space exits. I don't know if everyone will understand the feeling, but most of the time when you hear the PING! sound from your notification tray; it seems as though it's ALWAYS a wartarget logging after you've finally moved your scout 40j to get eyes... This ping was different though, as it was alerting me that Logan Ladart was online. The blood starts pumping as I confirm that he still hadn't dropped corp, and he is currently undocked and in system. I am able to confirm that he's in a TVP fleet because of his self-named Vindicator in space as I drop combat probes to figure out which site the fleet is currently running.

I wait for them to finish that site and let them head to the next as I warp my non-cloaky scout in an Imicus (whose existence I had shared publicly on the corp application he so rudely posted on) and approach him. They are obviously waiting for the FC to arrive as there are only a handful of his fleet on grid with him, as I land on him at 0 with my Legion... LOCK, POINT, and ORBIT.

Nice ship bro!

I always look back with disgust as I ransom someone. I have no style or consistency, mainly because I'm always paranoid of help arriving in the form of suicide ECM or a gank. I need to make a point to be more piratey and all that stuff that people hate. I feel like I come off as some crack addict trying to steal an old woman's purse... This needs to change.

[ 2015.04.20 00:59:15 ] Faylee Freir > 500m
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:15 ] Logan Ladart > what the hell???
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:28 ] Logan Ladart > paid
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:30 ] Logan Ladart > disengage
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:46 ] Faylee Freir > 200m
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:49 ] Faylee Freir > and you go
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:51 ] Faylee Freir > that was too low
[ 2015.04.20 00:59:57 ] Faylee Freir > considering you are in a 3.3 b vindy
[ 2015.04.20 01:00:32 ] Faylee Freir > pay up
[ 2015.04.20 01:00:33 ] Faylee Freir > 200m
[ 2015.04.20 01:00:55 ] Faylee Freir > you have 30 seconds before I close this convo and you die.
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:01 ] Logan Ladart > pauid
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:06 ] Logan Ladart > let me go please
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:15 ] Faylee Freir > You need to make a post on the forums
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:16 ] Faylee Freir > now
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:21 ] Logan Ladart > ki will
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:22 ] Faylee Freir > and undo what you did
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:24 ] Faylee Freir > RIGHT NOW
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:26 ] Faylee Freir > and link it
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:26 ] Logan Ladart > i will
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:29 ] Logan Ladart > i cant
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:34 ] Faylee Freir > you have 1 min.
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:34 ] Logan Ladart > stop agressing and i will
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:44 ] Logan Ladart > just hold tackle and reut
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:45 ] Logan Ladart > neut
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:50 ] Logan Ladart > ill do it
[ 2015.04.20 01:01:55 ] Faylee Freir > POST IT NOW

 Let's take a moment to dissect Logan's first comment when he says, "what the hell???". It's obvious that he had NO IDEA that he was war dec'd regardless of getting a notification in his mail and an indicator on his notification UI. Complete scrub move, really. If you're reading this and I ever try to ransom you, don't pay. Save your isk as you are going to die anyway.

[ 2015.04.20 01:02:53 ] Logan Ladart > oh well
[ 2015.04.20 01:03:02 ] Logan Ladart > guess ill buy another one and make a new corp
I have no idea how kill values are set in-game, but I prefer to go off of I post the kill in local as I'm beating my chest. I normally post a gif upon tackle, but I opt to put the cherry on top with this:
[01:09:57] Faylee Freir > See, you don't HAVE to pve to make isk in this game. I can just blow you up and you give me isk.
I'm happy with the loot, 700m ransom, and a 4.2b killmail, but my "interaction" with Logan is far from over. I won't go into details, but it doesn't take hardly any time at all for you to sit in comms with him to realize that this guy is a major tool.

Logan, thanks for the content. I am your new best f(r)iend. Fly Dangerously!

PS. To quote your post on my application... "This shit is not for the feint of heart". 



  1. Oh hell yes I like this, I've had the major displeasure of flying with this tool in TVP fleets previously and it was him + one or two others that drove me out permanently and into other groups in just over 2 weeks flying with them. Maybe TVP is fast and efficient but under no circumstances is it worth the company you have to put up with.

  2. why do you use blasters on a legion instead of hams?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Maybe he hasn't got missile skills? Blasters will still do heavy damage. Though, cap issues ahoy, I'd presume with the neut fit.

      Either way, sweet kill.
      - Virion Stoneshard

    3. he has losses on his kb with t2 hams so no reason to not use them.
      you can go capstable with one bonused neut on a legion or even 2(weird fit).
      one neut is still -22 cap for your target so more than enough for most purposes.

      Ps: Hi Virion!

    4. I chose blasters for the in-your-face DPS. I can't use lazors and I didn't want to use HAM's. 542 unheated dps is no joke with 2 medium neuts sucking you dry.

    5. I knew his exact fit and wasn't at danger of him having a friend jumping in (unless someone tried to gank me). I fit a cap booster to assist with minor cap issues and as backup just in-case he was able to orca / mobile depot refit with a neut. I knew his cap recharge rate was 22.9 Gj/s and one medium neut drains 22.5 Gj/s. I could have gotten away with a small, but why not overkill and prepare for the worst?

      Yeah it's an unconventional fit, but it actually works great for hi-sec wars with proper target selection.

    6. Fully agree on Legion being a beast for solo highsec work.
      Has exactly the same dps but with free dmg type selection and is capstable.

      Also allows you to use the same clone as for a sac.

    7. Also about your theory crafting:
      His Peakrecharge(@30%cap) is 22.9Gj/s but that would be with all modules off. Even if he just runs his hardeners one neut will be enough to make him dry, because as soon as cap drops below 30% the recharge gets worse.
      If he uses his guns he will be there even faster and even a small neut can keep a cap-empty bs at 0 cap.

    8. Hm, thanks for the tip. I'll take this into consideration in the future. I will also do more research on cap warfare immediately.

  3. This was an amusing read. Thank you!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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